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Portobelly is a 3D side scroller, about a sentient blob that’s out for revenge against the mushrooms inhabiting his world.

This game is best played with an Xbox controller, however, you can also play the game with a PS4 controller or using the keyboard. Please refer to the control menu in-game for a detailed list of controls


Will Powell: Twitter Portfolio

Owen Rees: Twitter Portfolio

Music and Sound Design
Oli Hulett: Website Instagram Facebook

Install instructions

Unzip the project and play the application


Portobelly.zip 342 MB


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looks cool !!!!!!


Hey! I really enjoyed your game as short as it was so I included some footage in my latest list. The environment was lovely and the mechanic of changing size on the fly worked really well. Also loved the overall design of both the little blob and the mushrooms. Really great job!

fun game, i enjoyed it. keep up the good work. 

Cute project, I wish it was longer and had more puzzles. :) 

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Loved the 3D environment of this game. The lighting, the colors, the graphics, loved it all! Would love to see more stuff added to the gameplay, or more games made with the same art style. Here's my playtrhough of the game


Thanks we're are glad you liked the game and we thoroughly enjoyed watching your playthrough!

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Hello, first to comment and I don't mind haha. Porto Belly is a really interesting game. I'll start with the graphics and the artwork that I find amazing and the blop looks like the Nemesis from the anime Radiant . The gameplay is also pretty interesting with the fact that the size of the blop can change and allow him pass obstacles! Keep up the good work! 

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